A Special Classroom Project

A Special Classroom Project
By CJ Cassidy

(Advance, MO)-- A local elementary school teacher creates a special project to help students right here in the Heartland show their appreciation for troops overseas.

It involves students in Liana Jenkin's fourth grade class writing dozens of letters to soldiers involved in the attack on Iraq.

The letters are chock full of daily events from the kids lives, jokes and even heartfelt feelings.

Jenkins says she started up the project after her son-in law Chris Kirkman a Lieutenant based out of Fort Campbell was delpoyed to Iraq.

"For them to learn to become good citizens they need to understand what's going on, and this project helps them do that," she said.

Jenkins says she will continue to encourage students to write..

She believes it helps her and other families like her who're seperated by their loved ones deal with the harsh reality just a little better.

In fact Jenkins says the whole project has been so successful it's now a community wide project.