Heartland Teen Recovers from Double Lung Transplant




Heartland Teen Recovers from Double Lung Transplant
By: Wendy Ray

(Dexter, MO)--Good news for a Heartland teenager after having a double lung transplant.

16-year-old Savannah Snider's doctors say the surgery went just as planned. Her mom, Sheila Pounds tells us Savannah made it through the surgery wonderfully. Now that it's over, the entire family is breathing a huge sigh of relief.
Savannah was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis soon after she was born. Over time, she got worse. She and her family knew a double lung transplant was her last hope. After two years on a transplant waiting list, Savannah got the new lungs she so desperately needed, in a four and half hour surgery in St. Louis early Tuesday morning.
"We are so blessed," her mom says. "We are so relieved. It feels like so much has been lifted off our shoulders." In a phone interview from St. Louis, Savannah's mother tells us the surgery went smoothly, and doctors say everything looks good. "She knows when we're in the room, she nods to acknowledge she hears us," her mom says.
The next two days are critical. Doctors will keep a close eye on Savannah to make sure her body doesn't reject the lungs. She'll be in the hospital for two more weeks, then she'll move back into the family's apartment in St. Louis, so she can be close to her doctors and start physical therapy. Her family's waiting on the day, they can bring her back home to Dexter. "We can start building her life back, and get her stronger and get her home," Savannah's mom says.

In the future, Savannah and her family may be able to meet the family who donated their loved ones' organs.