Kentucky Police Bust Up Burglary Ring




Kentucky Police Bust Up Burglary Ring
By: Kate Scott

(Paducah, KY)--Police in Kentucky are sorting through truckloads of stolen goods, after breaking up a burglary ring, almost by accident.

In fact, McCracken County Sheriff's Deputy Matt Carter broke the case “while” working an accident, where he just happened to stumble across a stolen antique sword in the backseat.  “There were three individuals in the vehicle and he was helping them get out, when he noticed this (sword) behind the seat of the vehicle,” McCracken County Detective Tom Emory demonstrated to Heartland News on Thursday.  “And just prior to this, Carter had talked to the owner of the sword, so he put two and two together... “

The antique sword proved to be just the tip of the iceberg, leading McCracken and Livingston County deputies and Paducah police to a mountain of stolen goods. As it turns out, the three people in that car were running a burglary ring.  Those three people are 19-year old Jason Busby and 20-year old Serenity Snelling, both of Clark’s River Road, and a 17-year old juvenile from Paducah.  According to police, the suspects have since confessed to stealing hundreds of items, from car parts to electronics to toys. And it seems they were targeting just about everyone.

“We've had to drive them around the city and McCracken County to determine where all these burglaries were,” says Paducah Detective Scott Aycock.  “And Livingston County. Plus, we've been to Ballard County.  We've been to Cairo, Illinois. We've been all over.”

Police say the trio especially liked to hit storage sheds. And they mean, “hit.”  Literally.  “They would use vehicles to ram these storage units, the doors, to get entry,” explained McCracken County Detective Jim Smith.  The suspects also stole many items from vacant houses.

At this point, investigators say few of the burglaries have actually been reported, because the owners still don't realize their things are missing. Now police face the task of placing all those stolen goods with their rightful owners, while the three suspects face a list charges, including felony burglary.

If you have a storage unit or vacant house in Western Kentucky, police are recommending that you check to make sure you weren't robbed.  If you think you may have been a victim, or may have possibly purchased stolen goods from the suspects, you should contact Paducah Police or the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department.