Scott Lee

Scott J Lee ABH3 (AW) Air Warfare Specialist. Scott J Lee is the son of Mr and Mrs Frank Lee of Charleston Mo. Scott was deployed onboard the USS Saipan LHA2 and amphibious Assault Ship. The Sapain left Norfolk Va. in Jan for the Persian Gulf. The Saipan is in a group of 8 ships including cruisers, destroyers,and carriers. These war ships and the 2 MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) are in PHIBRON 6. The Saipan's mission is to embark,deploy, land and support the 2MEu marines with close air support with Cobra Gun Ships and Harrier Jets. Scott is on his third deployment . Scott is the 1st Director of the Hanger Bay and safety officer for theair department. Among his duties as a yellow shirt are also the  launching of the Harrier Jets and Cobras on the flight deck. Scott has been in the Navy for 6 1/2 years and he truned down shore duty assignment in Pennsicola Fla, to make this cruise. In November Scott was awarded the Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal for his duties as a Hanger Bay Director and Training Petty Officer for some 25 fellow sailors who came on board in August of 2002. The reason Scott is our hero is he is willing to go to service for our country and do such a fine job.

Suzanne and Frank Lee