National Guard Troops Get Training



National Guard Troops Get Training

By CJ Cassidy

(Fort Campbell, KY)--As more troops across the country get their training towards the war effort, National Guard Troops are also being put to the test.

Right now there are more than a thousand Kentucky National Guard troops at Fort Campbell.  One of those Units is the 2113th transportation unit out of Paducah.

Lieutenant Governor Steve Henry toured the base Thursday, talking to troops to show the Commonwealth's appreciation for them, also to ask them if there was anything that could be done for them. 

He says almost everyone from Paducah is progressing well with their training, and looking forward to helping with Operation Enduring Freedom.

Adjutant General of Kentucky, Major General D. Allen Youngman says the Paducah troops have a few more days of training to undergo, and should be ready to deploy in as soon as a few weeks.