US Navy Drops Anchor

US Navy  Drops Anchor
By: Arnold Wyrick

(Carbondale, IL)--The Heartland is far from any deep blue sea. But that didn't stop the US Navy from dropping anchor and drumming up interest in joining their branch of the military among SIU students.
 A team of recruiters converged on the campus to talk with potential recruits, and answer a lot of questions about fighting in a combat zone. "There isn't any difference you always are aware that there's a possibility of conflict and people come in with their eyes open knowing that," says Lt. William Grady USNR.
But getting into the Navy isn't as easy as it once was, they're standards for recruits have gone up. "If it's an enlistment program, we're looking for relatively intelligent high school graduates, with a clean criminal record. If it's a Naval Officer program, we're looking for college students en route to a bachelor degree with a GPA generally above a 3.0 is competitive," says Chief Petty Officer William Vancil.
Rob Tomek is considering joining the Navy as an officer, and he's not worried about going into combat. "No it doesn't concern me at all. Because I'm not really worried that we're really in any danger. And I think what we're doing is for a good cause," Tomek said.
 Another potential recruit Jennifer Sprague is interested in the Navy's JAG program. "It's a certain amount of pride that goes along with the American way, and just to know your serving your country is enough for me," Sprague said.
The day of recruiting on the SIU campus wound down with an impromptu concert by the Navy's Mid-South Band, who entertained a crowd on the Shyrock Auditorium steps with a music mix of Rock Roll, and Country &Western tunes.