A Heartland Man's Experience



A Heartland Man's Experience
By CJ Cassidy

The blinding desert storms are causing quite a setback for troops in the Iraqi desert.  We talked with one Heartland man who says nothing can really prepare you for the harsh conditions you face in the desert.

Just 19 years old at the time, smith was attached to the First Infantry -- an Armored Brigade. His job was to drive a tank.

Smith says he can relate to what is going on right now in Iraq because they often faced the same obstacles as they tried to push ahead to liberate Kuwait.

"Nothing could have prepared us for the conditions number one the climate and evrey other kind of condition that came with it... in a word it was just survival of the fittest.  You either did or you didn't and some did some didn't... I was glad I was among those who did adapt and overcome," Smith said. 

Despite the struggle, Smith says he's convinced the war took place for the right reasons, both then and now.