Benjamin Miller

Benjamin Miller -- Du Quoin, IL
Benjamin Miller -- Du Quoin, IL

Ben is currently in the 52nd. Batt. Infantry Division of the United States Army.   He is the 21 year old son of Tammy Irvin and Mark Miller of Du Quoin, Il.  He has just recently returned home from Kuwait on Nov. 1-2002, where he spent 6 mo.  

He was on routine rotation to be trained in special desert combat.  While in Kuwait he earned 2 coins and was made the lead driver of a Bradley tank.  He also earned the Riflemans pin and  became the top gunner of his Bradley.

Soon after returning to the States he was deployed to FT. Erwin, Ca. on Jan 17, 2003 for more desert training.  He was there for 30 days.   He returned to Ft. Riley, KS. There he recieved his deployment papers to return to Kuwait. As of right now we are not really sure where he is in the war area.

His mother; Tammy, grandmother Pam and the rest of his family