Shaping up Shoes

It would be pretty tough to run, walk or just get around without shoes.  So when they start wearing out, you'd better know when to toss them out . " When I start to feel pain I get new shoes," says football coach Kip Shaw. " When my shoes start to wear they hurt my feet," says Neil Zlokovich who routinely works out.
     Dr. Jeff Appleman is a podiatrist who says letting your shoes wear down can mean trouble for your feet. " You can cause real damage to your tendon and muscles is you're wearing a shoe deficient in structure," says Dr. Appleman. Especially athletic shoes need to be replaced frequently.  You can loose more 50% of the shock absorbancy in your shoes by if the shoes are worn down. " For my tennis shoes every three to four months I replace them, dress shoes not as much," says cyclist Corrine Meyer. 
     The lifespan of a shoe, of course, depends of the kind of shoe that it is. A good leather shoe will last the longest several years or more. Then a dressy shoe or sandal are the next group likely to wear down and of course athletic shoes have the shortest life expectancy. Here's a good life expectancy guideline for athletic shoes.

  • Hiking, running, tennis and walking shoes need to be replaced every six months if you do the activity 20 miles a week.
  • Basketball shoes every 5 to 6 months if you play four hours a week.
  • Aerobic shoes every 8 months if you do aerobics 3 times a week.

The shoe soles are the first true sign they're wearing down, but the way they feel should also be an indicator. " When you feel like you're walking on the street not on your shoes, it's time to get a new pair, " says Kip. So check out your shoes before you start feeling the pain that can be so easily avoided.