Father Hears From Sailor Via E mail to Heartland News




Father Hears From Sailor Via E-mail to Heartland News
By: Amy Jacquin

(Zalma, IL)--Parents of military men and women are intent on watching news coverage of the war... hoping for a hint their child is still safe.  But one Southeast Missouri man got a distinct message... an email from his sailor son, after the war began!

Like many parents of military men and women, Raymond Busby and his wife are glued to coverage of the war. Raymond's son, Clay, is a sailor stationed on the USS Kitty Hawk, sitting in the Arabian Gulf. It's been more than two weeks since they've talked.

"We had quite a conversation by phone," Raymond remembers.

But Clay contacted Heartland News by email Wednesday morning.... and we forwarded that message to his father.

March 19, 4:35 a.m... "I wish to send a heart warming thank you to all of those back home that suport our troops. It is a big morale boost to know that there are people who care..."

That was before the war began.

"I worry," admits Raymond.  "I'm concerned. But I know that whatever he does, he'll put his best in it. He always does."

The USS Kitty Hawk was not one of the ships firing missiles in the first round of attacks. And Clay was able to send another message to us Thursday morning... while war waged on.

March 20, 2:04 a.m... "I'm doing good. I am waiting to see how things unfold. I am safe. We are all very tense. This is a little different than we expected."

Clay is one of 5,500 people on the USS Kitty Hawk... an aircraft carrier with capabilities like the ones you see here. He told his Dad that something has to be done about Saddam Hussein, and he'd rather do it now than later.

"He puts himself in harms way, but he things it's necessary that he does that," explains Clay's Father. "For all of us."

And Heartland News received yet another email Thursday afternoon... as Clay's day was winding down.  In it, Clay says, "...I turned on the news to see what was going on with the Iraq situation...I saw the air raid sirens go off, and I was happy.  I knew that I'm not here for nothing..."