Proud Dad Waits to Hear From Son



Proud Dad Waits to Hear From Son
By CJ Cassidy

(Jackson, MO)--One Heartland father is trying his best to cope as the threat of war grows stronger by the day.

Kent Reese says no matter what he's doing his son is always in his thoughts. His son, 20 year old Noah was deployed to Kuwait, along with other soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division in Fort Campbell.

Noah even pushed his wedding forward from May to February to get ready for his deployment.

And although he's stayed in touch since he's been stationed overseas, Noah's father says the hardest part right now, is not knowing when he will talk to his son again.

"He indicated he was going to be moved to another camp from where he has been so far where there isn't any  phone service. That seemed like a kind of a finality not to talk to him until the war is over," Reese said.

Kent says no matter what happens, his son will always have his love and support to guide him through these difficult times.

He also says the Jackson community has been very supportive; holding special services to pray for troops and other civilians overseas in the event of a war.