Saluki Selection Success



Saluki Selection Success
By: Ryan Tate

(Carbondale, IL)--Success on the basketball court for the Southern Illinois University Salukis means success for the school.

According to the Admission's Department, almost 100 students chose SIU this year, after the basketball team's run in the NCAA Tournament last year. Plus, the athletic department earned more than 40 thousand dollars. That is a help, after budget cuts the last two years.

"For us that's a big impact, because we probably bring in 2.5 million dollars total. When you talk about the tournament, that's big for a team at our level who's budgets are significantly less than a bigger school," Athletic Director Paul Kowalczyk said.

The school gets one-third of more than $140,000 for every game they play in the tournament. The rest goes to the other teams in the conference. Because Creighton University is also in the tournament, SIU gets more money. As the school continues to succeed on the court, its success means free advertising around the country for the university.

"Someone who didn't know when had certain programs, it could be athletics that brings them in the door and then look at some of the other programs," Vice Chancellor Larry Dietz said. "Athletics is the first thing that will bring a buzz, an excitement, and maybe cause someone to travel here."