Pest Offense




Pest Offense
By: Amy Jacquin

Mice can be an indoor problem all Winter. And now that things are warming up, bugs will become a problem, too. But Pest Offense promises to get rid of pests for good... all you have to do it plug it in.

Carrol Ledbetter has a bad mice problem. She cleans every day, yet still finds mouse droppings on her countertop, and in her cabinets. "It's everywhere, you know?"shudders the McClure resident. "They're everywhere. Everywhere! You can almost guarantee there will be droppings over here."

Carrol moves the toaster, and shows us mouse droppings... after she just cleaned the counter the night before. And the mice especially like her dog's food bowl. "A couple of days ago, we caught five of them in traps!" she explains. "My daughter has to empty them because I can't take it! And she's that way about spiders!"

Carrol points to holes in her daughter's clothes... mice munched on them after her daughter tossed them onto the floor at night. "We'll actually see them run down the hall or dodge into the bedroom or something," Carrol says.

That's why Carrol is so eager to try the Pest Offense. Makers of the Pest Offense say it turns the wiring in your home into a protective force-field.... and one $25 unit covers 2,500 square feet. It sends an impulse around your home that irritates the nervous system of rodents and some bugs. It makes your home an undesirable place to live... yet won't hurt your cat or dog.

You simply plug it into the wall, and leave it alone. Makers warn you the pests will move about more at first, as they become aggitated. So the first week or so, you expect to see *more* of them... but then they give up and move out.

We left Carrol for four weeks, and then checked on the pest progress.

"The first week was horrible!" she explained. "We saw all kinds of them, and were still catching them in traps and what not. And spiders were coming down a web from the ceiling, right in front of your face!" But after that, things quieted down. And their traps aren't snapping any more!

"No droppings!" Carrol laughs, as she shows us her counter. "That's how I know they're not actually in the house. The may get to the garage, but that's as far as they make it." "Since the first week, have you seen one in the house?" asked Amy Jacquin. "No! I was ecstatic!" Carrol says. "They're not chewing my daughter's clothes, which is a plus. And I don't see them running all over the house."

The $25 Pest Offense also worked on spiders... Carrol saw more of them at first, but not one of them since. Makers also say it'll chase away ants and roaches.

So a good defense may be the Pest Offense, and we give it an A-. The only reason it didn't score higher is because they did catch a mouse in their garage... which is fully wired, and therefore should be protected.

We found the Pest Offense at a local department store. You can find it online at, or by calling toll free at 888-737-8234.