Heartland Woman Faces Second Battle with Brain Tumor




Heartland Woman Faces Second Battle with Brain Tumor
By: Wendy Ray


(Advance, MO)--A Heartland woman is battling a brain tumor for the second time, but

this time around she's lost an important weapon in her fight, the ability to work. When Brenda Nenninger was diagnosed with her first brain tumor, she was able to work and contribute money to pay for hospital bills, but now that's not the case.

David and Brenda Nenniger have been married 30 years. They've been through a lot together, but nothing prepared them for Brenda's health problems. "My eyesight was getting worse," Brenda says. "I knew I had to get it checked out because my other eye was getting bad." Her eye doctor sent her to a specialist, who ordered an MRI, and found Brenda had a tumor about the size of a golf ball, in her brain. "I talked to her mom and she kind of knew too," her husband David says. Doctors removed the tumor immediately, but the surgery left them with a lot of bills. Brenda, who worked for a factory for 16 years, had insurance until the business shut down, leaving them with no coverage. She wasn't able to work because her vision is so bad. The couple still had reason to smile though. Brenda's tumor was gone. But a year and a half later, her vision got worse. An MRI found another tumor. "It's not very big, I guess that's why they think the radiation will get rid of it," Brenda says. Brenda will find out soon when she starts the radiation. Until then, Brenda and David lean on each other for support, hoping this battle with a brain tumor will be their last.

If you're touched by Brenda's story and would like to help, there's a special benefit auction/barbecue coming up.

Saturday, March 29th
Knights of Columbus in Advance
Doors open at 4:00
Tickets are $5.00

There's also a fund set up for Brenda at the Bank of Advance.