Missouri Meth Seizures Highest in Nation



Missouri Meth Seizures Highest in Nation
By: Randall Kamm

Missouri leads the nation in meth lab seizures.
In 2001, investigators seized more than 22-hundred meth labs in the State of Missouri. That's the most in the country, and nearly two-and-a-half times as many as the other three Heartland states combined.

Those on the front lines in the war on meth say that doesn't mean there's more of the drug in Missouri. It just shows that agressive efforts to seize meth labs are paying off.  Many of those labs are found in isolated places, like barns or abandoned buildings.

Kevin Glazer is coordinator of the Southeast Missouri Drug Task Force. He's busted several meth makers operating inside a barn in rural Scott County.

 Tomorrow night on Heartland News at six, we'll see if success in the war on meth in the field is being matched in the courtroom.