SEMO Student Killed in Fire

SEMO Student Killed in Fire

By CJ Cassidy

(Cape Girardeau, MO)--One Southeast Missouri State student is killed and four others barely make it out, after a house fire guts a home in Cape Girardeau early Tuesday morning.

Investigators say an extension cord maybe to blame for the deadly fire. Firefighters were called to the scene by people on their way to work. When they got there, they learned someone was still trapped inside. They worked fast, and managed to put out the flames.. but they weren't able to find Katrina Krumrie until it was too late.

Krumrie's body was found in the back bedroom covered by clothes from a closet that had fallen near her.
One of the men who helped rescue the other four semo students in the house at the timea nearby cemetery worker, said he only wished he could have saved Krumrie as well.

Firefighters say the fire started in the bedroom where Krumrie was found.  The Coronor tells Heartland News Krumrie died of smoke inhalation. 

Krumrie's friends and family say she was a sweet, mild mannered girl, one who they believed would have a great future. They tell us Katrina will be sorely missed, and they are just grateful more lives weren't lost in the fire.