Truckers as Terror Spotters




Truckers as Terror Spotters
By: CJ Cassidy

Truck drivers around the country are bing called on to help out in the fight against terror.

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, an Al Qaeda operative who was recently arrested, is said to have been considering using trucks as weapons of mass destruction.

Right now, 21 states are part of a nationwide Highway Watch Program that asks truckers to be on the lookout for anything unusual as they drive up and down the highways.

16 of the those states are actively involved in training truckers on what to watch for, and Kentucky is one of those states. State troopers in Kentucky say the alert will help a great deal because of the number of truckers out on the roads.

In fact, truckers have been helping law enforcement keep drunk drivers off the streets for years, by reporting them when they see them.

 Missouri and Illinois are also stepping up their efforts to get truckers to involved. However they aren't actively involved in training them just yet.