Heartland Campuses on Alert

Heartland Campuses on Alert
By: Arnold Wyrick

Two Heartland universities remain on alert after reports of three violent attacks on students.

At Murray State a female student says she was allegedly sexual assaulted in her dorm room, by three men early Saturday morning.

And in Carbondale on the SIU campus, two male students say men hit them in the head and demanded money on Monday night.

SIU Police Lieutenant Todd Sigler says they're doing everything they can to keep students safe. "We don't have any main gates that we can lock down, people come and go as they wish," says Lt. Sigler. But Sigler does say that students can help police in protecting them from danger. " We're a big proponent of, you can't beat safety in numbers, and doing things in pairs," Sigler said. Some students feel like the university could do even more.

"I don't walk around at night and I feel that the university doesn't let us know, or make us aware of what's going on right now," says Marisa Grimaldi. She's not alone in her concerns of possible danger areas on campus. "But sometimes if you don't walk on the lighted path through Thompson Woods, you feel like something could get you. So I think they need to beef up the patrols a little bit," says Adam Hartsog.

But both campuses say there doing that and more in order to keep their university's safe. Murray State Vice Chancellor Don Robertson tells Heartland News that they haven't made any arrest in this past weekends alleged sexual assault. But they do have a partial description of the three suspects. SIU Police are also still looking for three African American men believed to be involved in the two aggravated robberies Monday night behind the Morris Library.