Easy Off Microwave Wipes




Easy Off Microwave Wipes
By: Amy Jacquin

Makers call Easy Off Microwave Wipes a revolution in cleaning.  They claim to harness the power of heat to easily clean baked-on food.

They come six in a box for about $3.30 -- or 55 cents a wipe. Lori Reid just heard about this Easy Off product... and her two sons made sure the microwave provides a good challenge!

"It's pretty bad! Ha!" she laughs as she opens her microwave.  "We've got cheddar chees. We've got a mixture of peanut butter and jelly, and it exploded everywhere. It's pretty caked on. "

Directions say to put the pouch in the microwave -- unopened -- and heat.  Heat it on high for a minute, and the package automatically pops open, releasing a mist of cleansers.  We pop one in the oven.

It doesn't take long before the pouch pops... nothing dramatic, and no steam spews forth. After the heating cycle, we let it cool for three minutes.

"Let's see how hot it is," Lori says, tapping on the pouch.  "It's not too bad, it's touchable. It looks like a baby wipe!"

The peanut butter and jelly is soft enough to wipe right up... and the splatters come off the walls.

"This is nasty!" laughed Lori.  "You'll need paper towels or a dish rag or something. yea, or I would guess three of these to get it done."

The gooey stuff is one thing, but the Easy Off wipe didn't chip away at the cheddar cheese. So we try it again... A minute of heating, three to cool down.

"I think I'd rather take the plate and put it in the sink with some dish soap, and let it soak for an hour," says Lori, when she realizes the cheese is still hard and stuck.  "I think the old-fashioned way would be better.  And you could do that for pennies."

Easy Off Microwave Wipes aren't affective against these cheese globs. Smaller food spots seems DO loosen up, making it easier to wipe clean. So for everyday cleaning it would probably be okay, IF you want to spend 55 cents a shot. But we're not impressed. Easy Off Microwave Wipes earn a D+.