Visualizing Pain




Visualizing Pain
By: Wendy Ray

When you have pain in your back or neck you can feel where it's coming from, but you can't actually see it, until now! A Heartland chiropractor uses a machine that reads your body and lets you see your pain. It's called subluxation technology. It's a quick, safe, and painless test that pinpoints pain and lets your doctor get rid of it.

Chiropractor Dr. Eric Waltemate says, "It's the latest in chiropractic diagnosis and brings us into the 21st century if you will." By using a few simple tools, Dr. Waltemate is able to pinpoint his patients' pain with subluxation technology. "This actually reads what comes off a person's body, whether it's temperature differences or electrical output," he says.

A thermo scan reads the temperature in your back. Red shows a severe problem, blue is moderate, green is mild. Reading your temperature can show if there are problems with certain nerves. The surface EMG measures muscle tension, and shows what muscles are working when they shouldn't. "It allows me to have a preliminary window into your spinal health and see if we need to continue on with an exam or x-rays," Dr. Waltemate says.

Janet Besand's scans showed she had a problem. She says, "I have too much arch in my back, and my neck is curved forward and I have tight muscles." Besand says her back and neck pain are better now, and seeing her pain made her feel better. "You know it's not like I'm just imaging it or it's bad as I thought it was. It's hard to describe how bad it actually hurts because everyone has different levels of pain."

Dr. Waltemate does the first screening for free, so people can see how much pain they're having and decide whether or not they want to go to a chiropractor.