Heartland Man Charged with Killing Neighbor's Pet

Heartland Man Charged with Killing Neighbor's Pet

By: Arnold Wyrick

A Heartland man is facing charges after police say he killed his neighbors dog. The shooting happened at West Frankfort Lake in Franklin County.

Doctor Kent Herron still can't figure out why his neighbor would've shot the families six year old lab, Duke. "He stated Duke was in his trash and that he shot five times with a .22 caliber rifle, and hit him on the last time. Duke ran away crying and ran home and died in our driveway," says Kent Herron.

Herron says his 3 year old daughter is having difficulty understanding what happened to her dog." She cried for three nights straight and just didn't understand why we were putting dirt on top of Duke, and she would just lay on him and say please Duke, please wake up," Herron said.

Police have charged Herron's neighbor Jack Logsdon with cruelty to an animal. Herron says all his neighbor had to do was tell him about the problem and he would've taken care of it. " It's a senseless act, it didn't need to happen. There's so many alternatives that could've been done to stop this, a BB gun, he could've just communicated with me," said Herron.

But now all the family has left is their photos and memories of their beloved Duke. "We'll always remember Duke as a very gentle good dog. The best dog I ever had," Herron said as he choked back tears.

His neighbor Jack Logsdon could be fined, or spend time on probation and behind bars, if he's convicted of killing Duke.