Heartland Attorney Survives Pistol-Packing Brazilian Bandits

Heartland Attorney Survives Pistol-Packing Brazilian Bandits
By: Arnold Wyrick

(Marion, IL)--Ron Osman of Marion and his wife Michelle, have been traveling back and forth to Brazil for the past few years. They've bought some land and even built a vacation home there.

Their troubles began when Osman was returning with his wife to their ranch in Bahia, Brazil and stopped at a roadside store. "Whenever we came out there was two women sitting in a little car next to my pickup and they stared at us,"says Osman. " And I turned to my wife and said they must not see many blue eyed blond women down here," said Osman. They never gave the women much thought until a few miles down the road a car load of bandits brandishing pistols pulled along side of them and motioned for them to pull over.

"Now my wife and I didn't understand their Portuguese, but we were pretty sure they weren't saying welcome to Brazil," Osman said. But instead of pulling over Osman accelerated and so did the bandits. "And as we got in front of them we heard four or five shots and I immediately told my wife to get down," says Osman. "The windows were being shot out and glass was flying everywhere, one of the bullets went right by my ear and out the windshield," Osman said as he recreated the violent attack.

But the bandits weren't giving up easily and the Osman's had nothing to fight back with, except money. "So I took the rubber band off of them and at a 100mph I threw them out the window, they fluttered to the ground and the car stopped," Osman says the currency was equal to nearly $600.00 dollars. " But I didn't care about the money, I was trying to protect my wife, and I wasn't about to stop with a bunch of bandits firing at us," Osman said.

The chase went on for several miles, Osman even had to throw another bundle of cash out the window. Eventually they began running into more traffic on the road, but their truck ran out of gas, and not knowing where the bandits were they abandoned the vehicle and ran into a field of tall grass.

The Osman's were able to call to their friends on the cell phone, who arrived a few hours later and took the Osman's to safety. Now Ron Osman says he won't be taking anyone he cares about back to Brazil anytime soon. And he'll also be buying a bigger and faster truck for when he's down there taking care of his properties.

"The reason why I'm talking to you is that if people travel to Brazil for investment or to vacation, they need to just be aware," Osman said.