Mingo Job Corps Searches for Shuttle Debris



Mingo Job Corps Searches for Shuttle Debris

By: Amy Jacquin

(Puxico, MO)--Nasa put out a call for help in finding more debris from Space Shuttle Columbia.  And a fire team from Southeast Missouri is responding.  Nasa asked the Forest Service to send in some fire teams, and the Forest Service called Mingo Job Corp.

A 20-person fire team at Mingo Job Corp knows how to work a grid, and has the stamina and coordination needed for long hours of search work. That qualifies them to beat the bush in Texas, looking for Shuttle Columbia debris.

They spend Monday going over gear before leaving Tuesday morning for two weeks of duty.

While there is sadness that Shuttle Columbia disintigrated... there is pride in helping NASA pinpoint the reason why we lost seven heroes.

Fire team training is one of 11 vocational trades taught at Mingo Job Corp.  And all 20 crew members will get paid for their special duty work.