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No Decision on Fate of Accused Basketball Coach



No Decision on Fate of Accused Basketball Coach

By: Kate Scott

(Sikeston)--There's still no word on what the future holds for a Heartland high school gym teacher and coach, after he got into trouble at school.

Scott County Central officials placed boys' basketball coach Melvin Porter on paid administrative leave, after he was accused of making some inappropriate comments.  Superintendent Joanne Northern can't say what those comments were, or to whom they were addressed.  She tells Heartland News it was up to the school board to investigate the allegations, and then decide what to do next. 

But in the middle of the board's investigation, Board President Tim McIntyre decided to step down.  "I think he did not agree with some issues that were being discussed and just felt that he needed to resign," says Northern.  "I would hate to put words in his mouth."

McIntyre tells Heartland News that he simply thought the board should settle the Porter issue as promptly as possible, and that he didn't want to get in the way of everyone coming to an agreement.  He did not say what he thought that agreeement should be.  The nine-year board member also points out that he was not planning to run for reelection in April, when his term would have soon ended.

At a special closed-door meeting on Wednesday night, remaining school board members voted to officially accept McIntyre's resignation.  But after the meeting, Northern told Heartland News that she was not at liberty to talk about the board's decision regarding Coach Porter. 

We'll let you know as soon as that information comes available.

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