Heartland Church Break-In

Heartland Church Break-In
By: Wes Wallace

(Murphysboro)--Sometime late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, someone broke into the Trinity Baptist Church in Murphysboro, and stole a safe from the church office.

Pastor David Pinkerton says the thief entered the church through the window of a side door, and took the safe, which contained over one hundred dollars and some church documents.

Pinkerton also says that in the last five years, more and more break-ins have been reported at churches, which to him is a very discouraging statistic.

The Jackson County Sheriff Department and the Illinois State Police are investigating, and tell the pastor that whoever stole the safe was probably familiar with the church layout, although not necessarily a church member.

A church elder also says that stealing is wrong, but stealing from God takes things to a whole different level.