Old Man Winter's Depleting City Supplies

Old Man Winter's Depleting City Supplies
By: Arnold Wyrick

(Carbondale, IL)--No one in the Heartland wants to hear of more winter weather moving in, especially those cities that have run out of snow removal supplies. But that's the situation that Carbondale's Streets Department is having to deal with.

"We've had an extremely difficult year, due to the frequency of snowfalls," says Wayne Wheeles, Street Superintendent. "Whether it be an inch of snow or whether it be six inches of snow, it usually takes us about the same amount of chemicals to run our routes and keep things safe for traffic," Wheeles said.

But the city's supply of chemicals is running low and the season is far from being over. "We're heavily into our reserves. If we have two more snowfalls you'll see a lot more blackness on the streets because of the cinders. But I think we'll still be able to take care of the hazard and keep traffic moving," said Wheeles.

At the beginning of the season the city had stockpiled more then twelve hundred tons of salt, they've already used all of that and more. "We've probably spent $50,000.00 dollars in excess of what we would normally spend. We try to stay with straight salt, and that's what we've used up until this past storm, and our supply ran out," Wheeles said.

Wheeles isn't sure if they'll have enough to win the battle against Old Man Winter. "We've gone through our order for this year, and we've eaten deeply into our supply of reserve," says Wheeles.