Massac County Rolls the Dice

Massac County Rolls the Dice
By: Arnold Wyrick

(Metropolis, IL)--A solution to Massac County's financial woes could be sitting on their river bank. The City of Metropolis is considering sharing a percentage of their take from the casino, with the county.

"It's been my thoughts in the past to keep our own revenue," says Mayor Beth Clanahan. "But I think when you look at what they're going through, and you look at possibly laying off employees, then I think this is the time we need to sit down and talk about sharing a little bit of this revenue," Mayor Clanahan said.

The city receives a monthly average of $600,000.00 dollars in tax revenue from the casino operations. Mayor Clanahan tells Heartland News that the city is looking at giving the county from 5% to 10% of their total tax collections. "I would like to see them pay the bills that are currently due, and also to meet their next payroll," said Mayor Clanahan. She's called a special council meeting for Tuesday evening to discuss the issue and put a decision to council members to be voted on during the meeting.

"If we agree to move forward with this, we could enter into an agreement with the county to be paid to them either monthly, or quarterly. And we could write a check to them as early as this week," Clanahan says. The added money could alleviate even more setbacks in the county from cutting county services to laying off additional workers.

"Well it would help out the whole county, it would help out more then just one office," says John Taylor, Massac County Clerk. "It would help us we're working on a four day work week right now, and that would bring me back to a full staff," Taylor said. Massac County Circuit Clerk Larry Grace says the added revenue could benefit everyone in the county. "Well, we won't have to cut services. I mean we're to the point of not only losing hours to the staff, but having to cut services to the people and residents of Massac County. That's something we certainly should avoid at all costs," Grace said.