Heartland Postmaster in Trouble

Heartland Postmaster in Trouble
By: Ryan Tate

(Mounds, IL)--The Postmaster of Mounds is on administrative leave, and could face time in prison, for possibly tampering with the mail.
Maddie Woods has been with the post office for almost 17 years.  Now her fate rests in the hands of a United States Prosecutor.  No charges have been filed yet against her.
"This Christmas I had $150 in cash and I was extremely upset," Dawn Valentine said.
Valentine says she began seeing problems with her mail almost six years ago, just after her and her family moved into town.
"Children's birthdays came around. They weren't getting gift cards or checks or cash that relatives had sent," Valentine said.  She says she called authorities in St. Louis to complain, and found out she wasn't the only one.
"The postmaster general in St. Louis informed me I wasn't the only person in Mounds with mail missing," Valentine said.
Investigators converged on the Mounds post office February 14th to put Woods on adminstrative leave.  There is no word yet when charges will be filed.