Tamaroa Kids Evacuated Again!

Tamaroa Kids Evacuated Again!
By: Arnold Wyrick

(Tamaroa, IL)--Just when they thought they were back on track with their school year, students in Tamaroa were running from their school house for safety Thursday morning. School officials evacuated the school after a cloud of toxic gas escaped a derailed tanker.
"It was pretty scary we didn't know exactly what was going to happen," says Krista Piotrowski. She and several of her classmates huddled together at the Tamaora Community Center waiting for their parents to take them to someplace safe.
"I was scared, I didn't know what chemicals were there, and what they would do to you," said Jamie Rasch.
This was the final scare for the kids and their teachers. "We're not certain it remains to be seen. We've decided not to have school until Monday just to be on the safe side," says Cathy Youngman. "They're moving cars today and they believe they'll have them moved by today, but it's not for certain," Youngman said.
Du Quoin ESDA Coordinator Charles Genessio tells Heartland News what happened during the clean up process of the derailment. "Around 8:30 this morning a purge valve on a hydrochloric acid car sent fumes into the air for approximately 15 to 20 seconds. A hydrogen vapor cloud drifted west of the clean up site into a 3 block area, and then dissipated shortly thereafter," said Genessio.
But the fear in the kids and their parents is far from over. "She was scared, she called me saying, I'm scared please come get me. I had to drive more then an hour and a half wondering how bad it was," says Marie Perkey as she held her daughter in her arms. " I think they should've took care of all this before they let the kids go back to school."