Growing Together: Single Parenting



Growing Together: Single Parenting
By: Wendy Ray

Growing together as a family is rewarding, but it can also be difficult, juggling schedules and trying to stay organized.

For single parents, it can add an extra strain without a spouse to help.
It can be difficult, but Marsha Vowels-Edwards says the time she and her two children spend together, just the three of them, is a blessing.

"It was just like starting over, that's the best way I can explain it," Marsha says. Marsha started over when her son Myles was two, and her daughter Morghan was one. "Number one i had to change my priorities, my priorities became my kids totally." You don't have to be around Marsha long to see that her kids are her top priority. We caught up with Marsha at Morghan's church league basketball game. Constantly being on the run is common. Myles, who's nine now, and Morghan, who's eight, are very active children. "You don't ever want either one to think you're being partial to the other, you want to be fair," Marsha says. "Sometimes that's hard when it's just you." Basketball isn't the only thing they do together. "We play games at home, watch TV shows together, sometimes ride bikes together," Myles says. "We go hiking, we go out to eat a lot, we go to church," Morghan says. And that's not all. Marsha's work schedule is packed too. She's always on the go with her job as a pharmaceutical representative.

Work, and raising two children is a lot to keep in order. She says her support system helps her get through. "My faith is number one in my support system, my family and friends, then it's my church. "I look at the blessings," Marsha says. "I look at the fact the majority of the time is spent the three of us, and that's a special time."

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