Mighty Titan Knives



Mighty Titan Knives
By: Amy Jacquin

There are certain chores that come with cooking -- like sharpening your knives.  That's one step you may be able to skip, if Mighty Titan Knives live up to their claims.  Will they give you supreme slicing power?  Or just dull your dreams?

Bill Hotop is well-known in Perry County... for his down-home restaurant Bill's Place in Biehle. Most people wouldn't say Bill is always on the cutting edge of cuisine... be he is today! He's experience in the kitchen is why we asked him to test Mighty Titan knives.

Makers of Mighty Titan show the titanium-edged blades slicing through cans and tools -- yet staying sharp enough to slide through vegetables.

 It passes our first test... cutting a soda can in half with pretty straight edges. "But aluminum is easy to tear," says Bill, still skeptical.  "And I was pressing pretty hard. But it did cut it."

"So tough, it can cut steel!" That's according to a picture on the box, showing it conquering a hammer head. So we put the medium-weight, sturdy-feeling knife to the same test... And Bill put a lot of effort into it! But after a full minute of sawing.... it only scratched the surface. 

The titanium blade, however, shows no signs of wear and tear -- and "normal" blades would show some bruising.

"What do you think it's done to the knife blade?" Amy asks Bill. 

"I guess we could try the tomato now," suggests Bill.   And it is still sharp enough to tackle the tomato.

"Actually, it cut it about as good the second time, as the first," explained Bill.  "But this is a good, firm tomato."

Amy takes a turn, and compares the Mighty Titan to a serated Ginsu knife Bill uses every day. They both work about the same.... thinly slicing a dinner roll without crumbling it to pieces.

"I would pay the $20," summarizes Bill. "And the average person isn't going to buy it to cut steel anyhow."

It certainly failed the hammer test... but it's passed the rest. And it's dishwasher safe. The $20 set of Mighty Titan Knives earns a solid B+.