Not Everything's Back on Track in Tamaroa

Not Everything's Back on Track in Tamaroa
By: Wes Wallace

The cleanup continues more than a week after a train derailed in Tamaroa. While workers are trying to get things back to normal, not everything else is going as smoothly as planned.

Canadian National, the railroad company which owns the train that ran off the tracks Tamaroa, is settling up with folks in a makeshift claims office...but their reimbursement plan, plus a 50 dollar-a-day compensation offer, isn't satisfying some residents. They say the company owes them more for their troubles of being out of house and home for nearly a week.

Some folks, like Eileen Koenegstein says if the train never derailed, they wouldn't be asking for bills and receipts for meals and hotels, and what they're offering now just isn't enough.

Canadian National is paying for any meals or lodging expenses for the people of Tamaroa. However, some folks there do say the offer is reasonable, and agree the company is doing all it can to help out.