Massac County Cutting Workers Pay

Massac County  Cutting Workers Pay
By: Arnold Wyrick

Metropolis is one of the richest towns in one of  Illinois' poorest counties.

On top of that, employees in the Massac County Courthouse will be losing a day of work and the pay that goes along with it.  The cuts are the result of the County Commissioner's decision to balance the county's budget shortfalls by cutting employees work week down to four days.

"My heart goes out to the employees because they're our best commodity.  And they're the ones who help take care of these offices," says Sharon Glass Massac County Treasurer.  Glass isn't alone in her feelings about her employees.  Circuit Clerk Larry Grace is going to try to use some court fees in his budget to keep his office fully staffed.  Two of the county office's staffs are represented by a union, the state's attorney's and the treasurers.  Workers there have contacted their union representatives to fight the commissioners decision.

The County Clerk's office will be making the shift to a four day work week starting on Monday.  The Tax Assesors office has already layed-off one person and they've been working the shorter hours since January.  But county office holders are now worried about how they'll continue running their offices with fewer people.  "I'm wondering if we don't have the money then, then what am I going to do when the moneys not there when it's time for me to mail tax bills out," questioned Glass.  "If I can't get the tax bills out, then how am I going to collect money?"

The Illinois Treasurers Association is also looking into the commissioners decision to determine if they have the legal right to cut workers hours.