Growing Together: Raising Toddlers



Growing Together: Raising Toddlers
By: Wendy Ray

(Jackson, MO)--All this week, we are focusing on five families in different stages of "Growing Together ".

Monday, we met a young couple getting ready for their first baby.
Tuesday, we met a family raising toddlers and babies at the same time! It's safe to say Jana and Darrin Scott have their hands full. They're busy raising two little girls, and getting ready for another baby as their family grows together.

"It's just been really draining with all the extra things I'm doing," Jana says. Jana's got a lot of extra things going on. She's six months pregnant with her third child, a boy. Add five year old McKinzie and two year old Maddie into the mix, and you've got a hectic home. "The third one, it's like I don't think about the pregnancy that much because I don't have time to," she says. We caught up with Jana and her husband Darrin on a day off, but not a day of rest! Jana's day starts at 5:30 in the morning, and doesn't stop until around 10:30 at night. This pregnancy hasn't been the easiest on Jana. She had trouble in the beginning, and doctors thought she might miscarry. "It was scary because you think what's happening here," she says. But everything looks fine now, and the focus is on having a healthy baby boy. Darrin says, "We're excited we're having a boy. McKinzie's excited she's having a little brother."

Since a little brother's coming soon, Maddie and McKinzie have to do some adjusting. They're moving into the same room, so the new baby will have his own nursery. Hopefully, new bunk beds will make the move a little easier. But home isn't the only place Jana takes care of kids. A kindergarten teacher, she always has her eyes on little ones. And an added bonus this year, McKinzie is in the kindergarten room next door. A lot of things are going on in Jana's life, but she welcomes the hecticness and says baby number three makes everything complete. "This was going to be our last baby no matter what, we're calling it quits, so it's a nice perfect ending. A boy reached closure with our family," she says.

Jana says getting things ready the night before school helps her stay organized. Even though it's a small step, she says it saves her a lot of headaches.