Passion, Promise Come Together in Computers

Passion, Promise Come Together in Computers
By: Dave Courvoisier

They say if you follow your passion, you'll eventually find success in your career. That's certainly true of the young man we meet in this Heartland Fast Forward story.

Evan Youngblood is a man in motion. But to hear him tell it, it's no big deal -- he's just doing what he loves. And Evan pretty much likes everything about computers.  He runs his own business in the same building where his Dad has his CPA firm.  In fact, Evan's love of computers goes back to his Jr. High days, when his dad walked in the door with their first family computer.
"We didn't even have a computer at my house until I was 12 or 13 or something, and I knew almost nothing about it," says Evan.

"Evan has always had a knack, he wants to see how something works, so he started tearing apart our first computer," says Randall Youngblood, Evan's Dad.

Two years ago, Evan and his cousin started their business: Megabytes.  Later his cousin dropped out, and now the business is all his.  He builds websites, builds computers, handles customer problems, and oh, in his spare time he's a full-time student at SIU, and has a part-time job on the side.

"Yeah, I'm 18 hours at Southern, I work about 25, I'm cuttin' that down to about 20 a week at Wal-Mart, uh, and then I'm here when I can be," says Youngblood.  So, when does he sleep?  "Uh, well, in-between, I get around to it when I can," Evan says laughing.

"He keeps his grades up at school, so I can't complain about that," says the elder Youngblood.

So for all the people who say computers are Greek to them, there's someone like Evan who looks at that screen and sees his future.

"There's always something new...there's always some new technology, something you can change, something that you look at it and yo think, well, I can do this a little bit better," says Youngblood.

"...and computers seem to be his passion, that's what he loves to do, so I encourage him to continue on," says Evan's Dad.

By the way, did I mention that Evan is only 20?

You can see Evan's web-authoring work at the following websites