Railroad Company Pays the Bills

Railroad Company Pays the Bills
By: Arnold Wyrick

Washington DC officials will now be monitoring how a railroad company repays people in Tamaroa for their losses after a toxic train derailed in their town.

It's been more then a week since a north bound Canadian National train jumped the tracks in Tamaroa. Now the railroad company is paying peoples expenses who were forced from their homes. "We have them provide some proof that they're residents, and that they were evacuated during this period," says Jack Burke Assistant Vice President of Public Affairs for Canadian National. "We hope we can reach a settlement with people and they will leave here with a check," Burke said.

But the company isn't saying how much they'll end up paying for the cleanup and reimbursement to the people of Tamaroa. "We will pay or cover all reasonable expenses associated with the derailment," Burke said. When Heartland News asked Burke about a figure, this was his response. "None that I would want to announce on Channel 12," answered Burke as he walked away.

But the railroad company will be watched from capitol hill to make sure they satisfy peoples needs.

"I'm on the Railroad Subcommittee in the House of Representatives and the Transportation Committee. And I will be looking at this from that position, and also to make sure that everyone here is reasonably satisfied that they have been reimbursed for their expenses," says US Congressman Jerry Costello. Congressman Costello added that he will also be talking with local officials about their needs.