Growing Together: Starting a Family



Growing Together: Starting a Family
By: Wendy Ray

Monday, we kick off a new series called "Growing Together".

From binky's and blankies to classrooms and cars, we'll follow five families through different stages of their lives. The next 5 days at five we'll have reality television we can all relate to, living and learning together as a family.
Monday, we started in the very first stage of life, with a young couple going through pregnancy for the first time. Gloria and Darrin Sauerbrunn have done a lot to get ready for the baby, but they soon found out there are some things you just can't plan when you grow together.
Gloria and Darrin Sauerbrunn have been married two years. The decision to start a family came easily for them. "We talked about it a little bit and we're lucky enough it just happened," Gloria says. They were thrilled when their doctor told them it's going to be a girl. "I think it all got real for me when we went to the ultrasound and saw the baby moving and the heart beat," Darrin says.

It didn't take them long to start preparing. The couple decided on a name, Halle May, and got the nursery ready with everything a baby girl could need. Gloria's followed everything by the book. She's watched her diet, and walked for exercise. But the last few weeks have been a little hard for Gloria. Doctors put her on bed rest because her blood pressure was too high. She's usually constantly on the go with her job as a school teacher, now it's just waiting for Halle. "Now there's no return at this point," she says. "We'll make it. It will be an experience."

A lot of things have happened since the last time we talked to Gloria and Darrin. The baby decided to come two weeks early, another's a boy. "I looked down and said he's a boy and everybody started laughing," Gloria says. Much to everyone's surprise, Jacob Kenneth came into our world 9:27 PM February 13th. "This poor little boy is going to look back at all these pictures and see Halle and he's not a Halle," she says.

Another thing Gloria didn't expect, Jacob was small, only five pounds six ounces. His blood sugar was low, so doctors put him on an IV. But other than that, baby and mom are going to be okay. "He's just as cute as he can be and we're thrilled to have him here."

Jacob is still in the hospital so doctors can watch his blood sugar. Gloria and Darrin are hoping they can take him home Tuesday.