Snow Days Piling Up At Heartland Schools

Snow Days Piling Up At Heartland Schools
By: Randall Kamm

Winter weather has closed Heartland schools several times this year.

In Kentucky, schools are required to be open 175-days a year. If a day is missed because of snow, that day must be made up. No exceptions.

In Missouri, 174-days of school are required, but the state does have what is called an "inclement weather forgiveness" rule.

If 8-days of school are missed, all 8-must be made up. However, for every day missed after the eighth day, a school may be "forgiven" a half a day.

For example, if a school missed 12 days because of weather, 8-days would have to be made up. Of the remaining four days missed, only two would have to be made up, meaning the school would get two extra days off, shortening the school year from 174-days to 172-days.

Heartland News talked with several parents who didn't like that rule. One father said: "If 174 days are required, 174-days it shall be". Another parent said his children were being "cheated" out of a part of their education if they didn't go all 174-days.

Bottom line, at least for Cape Girardeau Public school students, is that 6 snow days have been taken, but 2 were budgeted-for at the beginning of the year, so they've really used 4 above and beyond.  That means, the district would have to use another 4 days before it would even break the threshold of being possibly "forgiven" by the state for all the school days not accounted for in attendance.