Tamaroa - One Week Later

It's been more than a week now, since a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed in Tamaroa, forcing the entire town to evacuate for about five days. On Friday, all of the residents were back in their homes, but the train accident still raises questions for the small town. State and Federal agencies have tested the air and water on a regular basis since the derailment; however, not all the folks in Tamaroa are convinced there won't be future harms. A Sunday afternoon meeting with local, state, and federal officials helped answer questions and calm fears, and allowed everyone present to give thanks to all those who responded during the evacuation, and to the people who worked around the clock to finally reopen the town. Late last week, Illinois State Attorney General Lisa Madigan issued an order, requiring the train company Canadian National of Illinois Central Rail, to complete a thorough cleanup of the derailment.