Businesses Open Again in Tamaroa

Businesses Open Again in Tamaroa
By: Arnold Wyrick

(Tamaroa, IL)--Now that everyone in Tamaroa has settled back into their homes, local businesses are welcoming customers again. But for many of them, being closed for nearly a week while crews cleaned up the toxic chemicals spilled on Sunday in a train derailment has been costly.

"Thank God we're back and everything was all right when we opened this morning," says Shannon Tilley bartender for Rudy's Bar. "It's been very hard, because we have a good crowd during the week, and it's nice to see my guys all sitting around the bar instead of traveling somewhere else," Tilley said as she served another round of cold beers.

On the other side of town in Carol's Flower Shop, Carol Phillips wasn't as fortunate, she had to give her products away. " I had no fresh flowers. So I'm working with what I had left from last week. And Valentine's Day is normally one of the busiest weeks of the year," says Phillips. "But I'm not taking any orders unless they come in and pick them up, and then I'm giving the flowers away. I can't charge them for flowers that are a week old, I just can't," Phillips said.

Clean up crews were working throughout the day as health experts tested the air in Tamaroa's K-8 school building. The tests showed no signs of toxins in the air, and Superintendent Rob Trover tells Heartland News that the kids will be back in classes on Monday.