Sesser House fire Kills Two

Sesser Housefire Kills Two
By: Ryan Tate

Lorie and Andrea Webb were going to be at Valentine's Day parties at their school this Friday.

Wednesday they couldn't escape from their bedrooms as their home was engulfed in flames.

Fire investigators don't know why the home started on fire just after 11:00 p.m. They also don't know if there were smoked detectors inside.

"It sounded like the roof exploded, like the roof caved in," Neighbor Ray Baxter said.

At Sesser-Valier Elementary School, students and teachers are remembering their classmates.

"A lot of tears. I've told them tears are fine. We need to cry and we have done that. We get composed to do work and cry a little bit and talk a little bit," Lorie's teacher Earline Burzynski said.

Lorie and Andrea's father remains in a St. Louis Hospital in critical condition. The Illinois State Fire Marshall searched the remains of the house today, but there is still no word on what caused the fire.