Pasta Pro

Pasta Pro
By: Amy Jacquin

The Pasta Pro is the latest kitchen gadget promising to make your life easier. It says you can boil and drain your noodles, then stir -in the sauce, all in one pot. Or will it just leave 'you' boiling?

You used to have to do boil in one pot… then gingerly pour the noodles into a collander to drain. But makers of a red pot called the Pasta Pro say the collander is built into the lid, so you don't have to dirty any more dishes.

You boil the noodles like normal, but when it comes time to drain… just grab the lid, face the holes away from you... put on the lid and twist… then test it to make sure it's really on.

When you pour, pour slowly. The handles are not hot at all. But you still have to avoid the steam.  It says you can shake it a little bit, but it advises you not to shake it too much, just in case the lid disengages.

One thing Amy Jacquin notices is that rather than dumping and walking away for a minute or two while it drains… you have to hold the thing. So, it works. But it's not really that convenient.

After holding it for about 40 seconds, we check on the noodles. They're fully drained and ready to mix. So the $18 Pasta Pro works. But heed it's warnings not to expose it to quick temperature changes… when Amy first cranked up the temperature on a flat-top burner - which gets really hot really quick - the Pasta Pro started bouncing around and sloshing water out!  You have to let the heat build gradually. And it's not dishwasher safe.

But all in all, the Pasta Pro earns an A-.