Fire Causes Scare in Missouri Town

Fire Causes Scare in Missouri Town
By: Ryan Tate

It could have been worse.

Investigators say static electricity caused a fire at U.S. Fiberglass Inc. in Advance. The fire was contained, but because a lot of chemicals are stored inside the building there was a lot of concern.

"If the resin caught fire, we could have had a heck of a fire because it burns so hot," Advance Firefighter Marty Dames said.

The resin is involved in the fiberglass-making process. The company makes fiberglass greenhouses.

"It could have been really bad. It could have blown up the entire building and the surrounding area," U. S. Fiberglass employee Diane Simpson said.

"We would have declared a half a block radius evacuation," said Bill Pippins of the Stoddard County Emergency Management.

No one was injured in the fire. There were only two employees in the building when the fire started. There is no word when the employees will be allowed back into the building to work.