Heartland StormTeam NexRad

Heartland StormTeam NexRad-

Nexrad is short for "Next Generation Radar."  As a highly promoted part of today's weather forecasts, NexRad has distinct advantages over its older versions.  We're proud to say that the StormTeam now has access to both single site Nexrad data from the National Weather Service in Paducah, Kentucky, St. Louis, Missouri and Springfield, Missouri, and "mosaic" coverage from all National Weather Service radar sites across the country.  The single site data gives us Doppler wind information (critical for detecting rotating severe thunderstorms), the possibility of hail and the size of the hail in thunderstorms, estimated rainfall totals across the Heartland, as well as the more familiar precipitation intensity echoes.  The mosaic coverage allows us to better show where regional and national storm systems are occurring, along with what type of precipitation is falling and how much has fallen.  While NexRad is a wonderful tool, it is important to note that the returns displayed are delayed images.  The NexRad images are updated every 6 to 7 minutes.  NexRad is not live.