Man Escapes Police Twice

Man Escapes Police Twice
By: Arnold Wyrick

A Franklin County man escaped police not once, but twice in the same night and only hours apart.

Franklin County Deputies were called out to 39 year old Brian Cockrum's home late Sunday night on a domestic dispute. But when officers arrived they found only Cockrum's wife and several vandalized cars, but no Cockrum. When he did show up a short time later police tried to arrest him, but he fled on foot through the woods. Then a few hours later officers say Cockrum turned himself into the Franklin County Sheriff. He paid a $100.00 dollar bond and left.

Police say he didn't go home, instead he went to the home of Helen Eldridge, his wife's grandmother.

"He stopped his truck long enough to come here and beat on our door. I was scared to death and screaming,"says Eldridge. "We had the door locked so he couldn't get in. But we called 911 and police found him driving out of here and the chase was on," Eldridge said.

West City's Chief of Police Claude Filkins led officers in the second chase. "He was driving wild and there was no way he was going to stop for me. I knew that right off the bat," says Chief Filkins. "He continued down Blakely St. at 85 mph in a 25 mph zone."

But it's what Cockrum did next as they sped towards railroad tracks that shocked police even more, than his dangerous driving through city streets. "He went eastbound on the tracks driving right down them, with the truck bouncing all over the place and a train coming straight at him," Chief Filkins said.

Cockrum's truck didn't make it far down the tracks after blowing out three of it's four tires, and then ramming into a utility pole. But Cockrum fled on foot and got away, again.

Cockrum is facing a number of charges, and his bond is set at $40,000.00 dollars.