Graves County Man Faces Trial in Marshall County

Graves County Man Faces Trial in Marshall County
By: Ryan Tate

Jeremy Adams will have his day in court, but it won't be in Graves County.

The Mayfield man will be on trial for murder in Marshall County, after a Graves County Judge reaffirmed his ruling on the change of venue.

That upset the family and friends of Jessica Currin. She was found beaten and burned to death in August of 2000. Currin's father doesn't think there will be justice for him or his daughter in Marshall County.

"We're not sure what we will get in Marshall County. I don't want to take the chance of taking the trial there and maybe this guy not getting any time in jail or even getting off," Currin said.

Currin's main concern is as simple as black and white. Adams is white. His daughter was an African-American.

"I fully believe when we start talking with the jury we will be able to see prejudice, we'll be able to ferret that out. If not, I hope the evidence show guilt and I think it will," Commonwealth Attorney David Hargrove said.

"We're just looking for justice. That's all we're looking for," Currin said.