Marriage of Tech & Photo Births Internet Cafe'

Marriage of Tech & Photo Births Internet Cafe'
By:  Dave Courvoisier

How can a marriage of technology and art end up being a cafe'?  Well, it's more of a gallery, business and gaming center, and gathering place -- and it's all the dream of two guys who love photography.

Part photo studio, gamer's paradise, art gallery, and online stock-trading homebase, the Spacewalk Cafe in downtown Cape Girardeau is built on vision. The vision of it's two partners.

Mark is a former pipefighter turned freelance photographer, and Victor is a Bulgarian immigrant with an attraction to art -- digital art.

"This is not an evolution, this is a revolution in the technology world, and this is exactly where my knowledge and dreams can fit," says Victor Kantchev, one of the partners of the Spacewalk Internet Cafe.

For a time, Victor coordinated business seminars from Europe to Cape Girardeau with the help of the Small Business Development Center, the Chamber of Commerce, and SE Missouri State University....

"These were organizations, that were so friendly and accepting when I offered them something, so that's why I landed here," adds Kantchev.

Now his whole family is here...

"...As you can hear, I speak with accent, but I think I do not think with accent," says Kantchev.

Kantchev travels the US, storing nature scenes on his digital camera, manipulating them with computer software, and printing them for framing.  His compositions are only limited by his imagination.

"Actually, we'd like to see this go as an art center, not just so much for local artists, but people who are interested in art," adds Mark Miller, Kantchev's partner in the cafe'.

Miller is a jack-of-all-trades.  Photographer, businessman, part-time plumber...and, even if you don't like computers, the spacewalk cafe has excellent food . Mark is the chef, and they have tasty Panini sandwiches.

"Well, I think the only problem we'll have pretty soon, once we start adversiting, is the capacity of this place, it's limited to only 50 people," says Kantchev.

"This community has been very very friendly in a lot of aspects for me, on this 10 years, so I would like to return something back in a way," says Kantchev.

The Spacewalk Internet Cafe' grand opening, begins February 21st and lasts a week. It's located at 46 North Main Street in Cape Girardeau.