Back to School

Back to School
By: Arnold Wyrick

It's been more then 3 weeks since students in Dongola began having a mysterious rash and were sent home. Then a toxic mold, known as " stachybotrys" was found in the school and everyone was sent home.

Now after several Illinois State and Federal Agencies have tested the school for any more health hazards, the school has received a clean bill of health. "As far as we know every agency has told us this is a healthy place to be," says Dongola Principal Jennifer Flowers. "We just want the students to have a good day and to be healthy and safe," Flowers said.

The students rolled in on busses, as others walked from their cars and into a building many parents thought was making the kids sick. "I think they did everything they could do. I've really been concerned about a lot of things that went on. But I think they did what they could, and I trust them," says Mary Lou Harris of Dongola.

But not all parents were so sure that everything was going to be okay. " I don't think there's anything in there that's going to hurt them. But I don't know that for sure," says Darlene Schneider as she watched her son walk towards his school.

Their first day back had an added note of excitement to it, as a First Place trophy won during a recent academic competition in Carbondale, was presented to the student body. "The teachers are very excited to be back, they've got lesson plans they've been waiting to implement. And they want to be back with their students, that's what we all enjoy," Principal Flowers said as she turned to see why a student was crying as she walked by.

The school district has rescheduled their homecoming for the weekend of February 22nd and 23rd. But they still haven't figured out how they will make up the 17 days they've missed, because of a mysterious rash and a toxic mold.