Heartland Kids Send Thoughts and Prayers

Heartland Kids Send Thoughts and Prayers
By: Arnold Wyrick

The Shuttle Columbia rained down across Eastern Texas and Western Louisiana, as it broke into innumerable pieces. But this tragedy has reached out and touched people across the nation and here in the Heartland.

Students at Saint John's Catholic School in West Frankfort, IL are reaching out to the families of the astronauts who loss their lives on board Columbia. "I'm very sorry about loved ones. I hope that you know that everyone is also grieving about the loss of your loved ones. I just hope you know that God will comfort you through this time," said Chelsea Jackanicz as she read her letter, to her fellow classmates.

Now as the kids try to deal with the tragedy, by writing down their thoughts and prayers, some are hopeful that the loss will teach all of us a lesson we won't soon forget. "I was actually in shock as I watched it happen. Their loss will help some people in the future through hard times. And it'll teach us not to make mistakes like the one that happened on the ship," says Tommy Perry.

One of the teachers at Saint John's, thought it would be a good way for the kids to deal with their sadness by sending the letters and cards to the astronauts families. " I think they need to learn how to deal with these tragedies it's their country. And to let them do whatever they need to do to resolve any feelings of sadness that they have in their hearts, and minds," says Jan Bombell.

The kids will be sending their letters and card to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, on Friday for NASA officials to hand deliver them to the astronauts families.