2/03/03 - Look Good Feel Better

A special program that helps cancer patients is Cape Girardeau. It's designed to help female cancer patients on their tough road to recovery. It's called the look good, feel better program. A program that hasn't been around for about four years. It helps patients who lose their hair during chemotherapy and radiation, or see changes in their skin cope with the changes.

The make-up packed into Look Good Feel Better boxes is just like the stuff you would find on any cosmetic counter. It's just one of the little things that helps women battle cancer. Cosmetologist Blye Galemore volunteers her time to the American Cancer Society. She teaches cancer patients on the best way to apply their make-up. "We never try to talk about the cancer of the individuals in our program because we're focused on making them look better and feel better, Galemore says.

Everything from sun block to different types of make-up are in the Look Good Feel Better boxes. There are different types for different skin types like light, medium and dark. The best thing about it, everything's free, but the items inside the box aren't cheap. The boxes are around 300 dollars in value. "We have had everything range from Clinique, Chanel, Estee Lauder," Galemore says.

Around 300 cosmetic companies donate to the cause, but putting on make-up is just one part of the program. The other, helping women disguise their hair loss with wigs, scarves, or hats. They may look like little things, but they're a big deal for women wanting to get back to normal. Nurse Kay Thurston says, "Anytime you can help women feel like they can look better and not be labeled as a cancer patient, then that's a major boost to their ego and self esteem."

There's a free Look Good Feel Better program February 4th from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM in the Healing Arts Center conference room in the Healing Arts Building next to Saint Francis Medical Center. Free cosmetic kits will be given to patients who are going through treatment. Call the American Cancer Society at 573-334-9197 for an appointment.

Click here for the Look Good Feel Better website.